Meditation Monday & Mindfulness


“A walk at Walden Pond”

Welcome to Meditation Monday. Today’s focus is on mindfulness or actively noticing. We will follow sensations as our attention is called to them. Mindfulness is a simple yet active practice of heightened awareness.

As we follow our attention, we’ll practice breathing into and around sensations or thoughts. We will practice relaxing around the focus of our attention to make space for the sensations or thoughts to be exactly as they are without judgment.

Yes, we can practice mindfulness throughout our day as well. Through mindfulness, we can slow down to notice more of the surroundings in our daily life. We can also use mindfulness practice to be more present and deliberate in whatever we are doing.

I encourage you to take the mindfulness in the meditation into the rest of your day. If mindfulness is new for you, consider listening to the guided meditation again and again throughout the week.

One thought on “Meditation Monday & Mindfulness

  1. this is wonderful anu…content and your voice…i honestly feel so much calmer just listening/paying attention to my body as i listen…


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