Embodied Positive Psychology Summit


Lucky me! I just spent the week immersed in positivity at the Embodied Positive Psychology Summit held at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health! What an inspired week connecting with fellow students of the Whole Body Institute and meeting new friends as we explored how we carry forward the principles of Positive Psychology. Throughout the week there were numerous workshops, speakers, excited conversations, and opportunities to clarify and consider how we, both as individuals and community, will continue to live our lives directed by the science of meaning, happiness, and purpose. I am still wonderfully full as I look through my notes, photographs, and remember — it surely has been a week of memories!

Some of the topics discussed were ~ how character strengths support whole being; embodying compassion; resiliency; living with lovingkindness; the art of authenticity; embodied gratitude; positive psychology and narrative practices (the stories we live); songwriting with soldiers (not a dry eye in the room listening to this essential project); the connection between yoga and embodied positive psychology; spirituality; prioritizing positivity; and oh so much more!

Many of the speakers were fellow Positive Psychology students/colleagues ~ how exciting to hear how they are finding their niches in carrying all that we’ve learned into the world!

Personally, I was over the moon listening to Sharon Salzburg, Maria Sirois, Neal Mayerson, Tal Ben-Shahar, Megan McDonough and Barbara Fredrickson!

The focus of the week was Embodied Positive Psychology which looks at the whole person – body, mind, emotions, and spirit – and how we can and must embrace positive psychology. There were yoga classes, healthy meals, and (a high note for sure) Megha led her awesome ‘Let Your Yoga Dance’ sessions each noon break.

I am so grateful from every experience this week! I am also inspired to continue my living positive psychology and doing my own work in the world! I’ll finish with the spirit of loving kindness which truly was a theme throughout the week.

May you be happy
May you be healthy
May you know ease of well-being
May you be at peace.

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