Meditation Monday: On Opening Your Heart

Version 2

Today’s meditation is all about loving yourself. Most of us know what it means to love another — our partner, our children, our parents, friends, even our pets. How often do we offer love to ourselves?

Today, we’ll focus on using the breath to expand our heart and deepen our relationship with this miraculous inner organ that beats continuously throughout our lives. We will take time to appreciate our heart. Then, we’ll use our imagination to breathe in and out of our heart center which is all about love and joy.

In our fast paced world, settling into our heart energy and extending love to ourselves is an important piece of self-care that we rarely consider. 

I hope you enjoy this meditation and return to it more than once — you deserve your own self love! Consider sharing this meditation with someone you know so they, too, can experience their heart opening to self-love.

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