Happy Solstice ~ Welcome the Light

Happy Solstice!

Today is the time for celebrating and welcoming the returning light. Our days will become lighter and longer, minute by minute.

I use this time of year to reflect on the year ending by looking at what I accomplished, acknowledging all that was done, and dreaming the coming year into being with the narrative I wish to live into, a word for the year, and positively setting the stage for success. My writing includes what I’ve learned, what I want to let go of, as well as to what I wish to carry forward.

My word for last year was ‘Change’. Looking back, 2018 has been a year of major change — I’ve moved, let go of a home that nurtured me for many years, relinquished lots of stuff I no longer used or needed, and watched my daughter’s family do the same. Within my community, too many people have passed onto the work of light from the other side. 

The process is simple — slow down, go inside, write or create art, answer a few questions in preparation for the turning of the calendar. 

I invite you to join me to prime your environment for what’s to come. What do you want to bring into the light in 2019?

Settle into a few questions with your pen and/or your art materials:

1. Reflect: what was successful in 2018? Make a list. Embellish. I like to fill my journal pages (or large newsprint) with the lists of everything I remember. I’ll use my calendar to look back if I need some prompting. Let this process go on for several days. Then sit up straight and pat yourself on the back for what you have accomplished! Yes, take the time to celebrate with pride for your accomplishments.

2. Dream: what are your dreams for 2019? do you have a bucket list? are there projects that wish to be brought forward? what changes and/or additions do you get excited about? what narrative do you wish to live into? Dream it into being by giving it your blessing of welcome! Consider, how will your life be different when your dreams come into being?

3. Letting Go: what can be or needs to be released so the space is cleared for the new? Consider letting go during this time of darkness. Place a box somewhere so you can put the stuff you no longer need into it — then donate it or create a ritual to release it. I put in slips of paper that I write what I am letting go of ~ attitudes, negative thoughts, behaviors, habits, etc. 

Happy Solstice!